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Insurance renewal, you wouldnt believe it…

So my quote was recalculated because I couldn’t change the “20+” tab on to “26 years”, I was quoted £350.12 in my renewal notice but £206.84 on for the same cover with the same company with the same data and on top of that Endsleigh doesn’t need to pay for usage of the site on renewal? I am certainly and it is always worth contacting your insurer about discrepancies.

Me (Bold) Operator (Plain)

Adele: Hi, my name is Adele. How may I help you?
mark humphreys neal: hi adele, I have just had a quote from yourselves on £208.47
Adele: Hi Mark hope you’re well
mark humphreys neal: i was also sent a renewal notice through the post from yourselves for £350
mark humphreys neal: could you tell me why the discrepancy between the two?
Adele: Ok not to worry this can sometimes happen, we have a panel of different underwriters so it could be that a different provider could have quoted online, there could have also been a rate change as insurance rates change all the time, sometimes daily. The other option could be that if anything at all is different between the two quotes, renewal and online, this can also cause a difference in price as everything we ask is a rating factor
mark humphreys neal: ok so we used the prefill data from our last quote, we only changed our NCB from 7 to 8 years
mark humphreys neal: i take it you also pay £40-£50 for the business?
Adele: Ok what I can offer to do is compare the 2 quotations side by side to see if there are any differences, if the quotations are exactly the same and one is still cheaper we are able to then price match the lower price at your renewal
mark humphreys neal: Your Quote Reference: xxxxxxxxxxxx(

Adele: Brilliant can I also take your policy number please
mark humphreys neal: your reference number on renewal xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Adele: Thank you could you also confirm your date of birth, first line of address and post code please
mark humphreys neal: policy xxxx xxxxxxx
mark humphreys neal: xx/xx/xxxx
mark humphreys neal: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Adele: Great thank you bear with me I will load these up for us now
Adele: I will also need to ask a couple of quick questions regarding your renewal if thats ok
mark humphreys neal: yes sure
Adele: Have you received your renewal documents and checked the vehicle and policy information?
mark humphreys neal: yes
Adele: Have you changed your occupation or contact details in the last 12 months?
mark humphreys neal: no
Adele: Have the other drivers details changed in the last 12 months?
mark humphreys neal: no
Adele: And have you, or any other driver listed on the policy, had any accidents, claims or motoring convictions in the last 5 years, including fixed penalty offences, or any non motoring convictions?
mark humphreys neal: no
Adele: Great thank you and are there any changes you wish to make?
mark humphreys neal: yes NCB
Adele: This is already automatically updated each year on your renewal
Adele: I can see you now have 8 years at renewal
mark humphreys neal: ok
Adele: I will now take a look at the two quotations for us
mark humphreys neal: how many years does it go up to?
mark humphreys neal: i have never had an accident
Adele: I will firstly open the personal details to see if anything differs. The maximum no claims we display is 9 year s
Adele: I can see that there are no differences between the personal details on both quotations so I will now open the vehicle details and run through those, thank you for your patiene
Adele: patience*
mark humphreys neal: i only changed the NCB in my control panel, we bought through them last year
Adele: Ok that’s fine I do just need to run through this before I am able to price match the cheaper price to your renewal
Adele: Thank you for your patience I have checked this for you and most of the information is exactly the same however there are two differences between the quotes, we have on the renewal that you have held your full UK license for 21 years and on the online quote we have 20 years, and then for the named driver we have that they have held their full UK license for 16 years on the renewal and for 15 years on the online quote.
Adele: I would need to know which is correct so that I can mirror the details on both quotations
mark humphreys neal: oh doesn’t collate the data, obviously we are a year on from our last policy
mark humphreys neal: oh only goes to 20 years
mark humphreys neal: it doesn’t exceed this amount
mark humphreys neal: i passed my test when i was 17
mark humphreys neal: i’m now 43
Adele: Ok I would need you to confirm which one of these is correct for both drivers so that I can mirror the details in order to provide a price match
mark humphreys neal: so i have been driving 26 years, my wife has been driving 16 years
mark humphreys neal: on the highest amount is 20+ years tab

mark humphreys neal: you might need to tell your IT to contact to change the API data fields
Adele: We are not able to alter the details on Confused as they are a separate company to ourselves and they provide questions that they feel will be suitable for the majority of providers. Brill thank you in this case I will need to update both quotations as they both have a different number of years on there. When anything at all changes the system will now force me to requote the quotes based on the correct information so I will now do this for you and as previous if one premium is cheaper than the other we can then honour the cheapest price
mark humphreys neal: ok
Adele: Bear with me it shouldn’t take a moment to recalculate
Adele: I can see that you have opted to protect your no claims on both quotations, however you also had full UK breakdown on your renewal quotation which you have not added to the online quotation would you prefer to keep this on the policy or remove it
mark humphreys neal: well you also have a descrepency there also, you have quoted £82.49 on the renewal and its £34 on the tab
mark humphreys neal: but no breakdown cover
Adele: The lower price is not for the full UK breakdown cover, we have various different levels of cover – roadside, roadside and recovery, full UK breakdown and full UK and EU breakdown which all vary in price
Adele: Ok I will remove the break down cover also
Adele: Ok so when requoting both quotes the online one is still working out cheaper than renewal, the renewal is quoting now at an annual price of £267.62 and the online one is quoting at an annual price of £226.21. This cover is with the provider Premier Underwriting who give you fully comp cover with your no claims protection included for £1.93 which is included within the overall price.
The excesses on the policy are as follows:

For both drivers, the fire and theft excess is £100, the accidental damage excess is £350 and the malicious damage excess is £350.

The windscreen excess for replacements is £125 or reduces to £70 with our approved repairer, and £15 for repairs.

Adele: I can see that you are paying monthly for the policy so I will just need to get the premium price matched to your renewal and then I will be able to give you the monthly payments as at the moment the online quotation is charging a deposit which won’t be the case if you decide to renew it would be 12 equal instalments
mark humphreys neal: that’s still more than and the only thing different is i have been driving 26 years instead of 20 years, so for driving 6 more years i am paying more than £60 more and receiving no breakdown cover?
mark humphreys neal: i have got to share this on social media
mark humphreys neal: you must be chuckling Adele, this is very funny..
Adele: The premium has changed due to us having to requote the original quotation, we have had to do this because something has changed and as previously explained everything we ask is a rating factor therefore if anything changes the system will force us to requote based on the correct details
Adele: I am not able to change the quotation provided by the underwriter or the insurance rates unfortunately
mark humphreys neal: yes but the quote should go down with a increase in holding a driving license not go up, i am more experienced not less?
mark humphreys neal: can i share this chat on twitter, i will copy endsleigh in
mark humphreys neal: and zurich
Adele: That is not a rule unfortunately, sometimes premiums go down due to these things, however the insurance is calculated based on everything we ask so absolutely everything is pulled in for the price not just the fact that you may be more experienced unfortunately
mark humphreys neal: why would i go with endsleigh renewal when i can go with endsleigh from, same company but different quotes and you pay £40 for the privilege of using there services
Adele: You are able to go with whichever quotation you like, however if the details of it aren’t 100% accurate the policy may become invalid in the event of a claim
mark humphreys neal: they are valid, i cant exceed 20+ tab, doesn’t allow me to exceed this amount
mark humphreys neal: i would have put 26 years driving if i was able
Adele: Then that would be fine, if you are happy with the details you are free to take the policy out with if you wish
mark humphreys neal: can you send me your quote into my endsleigh control panel so i can view it please
Adele: I will need to send off the quote to be price matched to your renewal before we can give you accurate monthly prices, once this has been done your new renewal quote will be uploaded into your account within the next 24 hours
mark humphreys neal: ok thank you
Adele: No problem would you like me to action this for you?
mark humphreys neal: yes please
Adele: Great I will send this off now for you please be aware your policy is currently on an automatic renewal and will renew on 20/2/17 unless you infom us to stop this
mark humphreys neal: ok i will take action closer the time
Adele: That’s fine thank you for your time today, I can send you an email once the quote has been price matched to your renewal informing you of the monthly payments if you wish

Insurance Renewal that didnt go to plan?
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Insurance Renewal that didnt go to plan?
So like many people online we receive the dreaded car renewal notice, my total renewal price was £350.12 which was significantly higher than the previous year, so I tried like the previous year and it amazingly went from £350.12 to £206.84 with the same company and the same level of cover using the same data from the previous year (apart from increasing my no claims bonus from 7 to 8), so I contacted Endsleigh via chat, and this is my story and the chat in full which is amazing...
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