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Pay Gap, Watch the Gap?

Pay Gap Glass Ceiling

I’m a woman doing the same job as my male counterpart but am I getting the same pay? Many women argue that even today this is still not the case despite the Governments promises to make pay equal between the sexes.

There still seems to be a pay gap of up 20% with women having to work until March to get the same amount of pay a man gets in January in some cases in the UK. The Women’s Equality Part (WE) has been fighting on behalf of all women for years and has in part been successful in reducing this pay issue however has it been as successful as it could be we ask? With 45 years of shouting out and making as much noise on this issue as possible it is still a problem in a country that you would think is westernized enough to register that this is just not fair. The Government has issued a mandatory league table to identify which of our companies has addressed the pay divide that has been in the limelight with the Equal Pay Act  since its birth the 1970’s although this data may not become publically available until 2018.

Many are crying out for transparency, the Government responds by promising to look into barriers to equality but has pay between men and women as clear cut as policies on discriminating issues such as Disability, Race and Ethnicity, we think not! More is needed in terms of setting out clear guidance and strict ruling on the so called glass ceiling on pay. The Office of National Statistics finds that women are getting paid less than men in a lot of profession.

New regulations are soon to be set for all organisations in all sectors to make amends even if the company is a small independent one it still needs to ensure pay is fair.

Women who have had time off to have a baby still find that they return to a job that continues to offer a less than attractive wage packet compared to what men get for the same job. So what can companies do about it? According to studies undertaken by the Fawcett Society traditional jobs undertaken mostly by women tend to be undervalued when it comes to pay whereas traditionally make dominated profession’s offer better pay, how is this fair? Conditions that would need t be met to shake up pay are impossible to achieve says the Institute of Economic Affairs.

In a world where discrimination is at the forefront of media coverage why it that there is still inequality in this area, why is it that women should get less. Why can’t a woman have a senior role in organisation and get the pay to match? These are the questions we demand to be answered.

The glass ceiling may have been cleaned up slightly but is still a barrier many still face.

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Pay Gap - why are we still discussing the difference in pay between men and woman?
Article Name
Pay Gap - why are we still discussing the difference in pay between men and woman?
it will shortly be 2017 and we are still discussing the disparity in pay between men and women, why?
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