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Saving Money on your Energy Bills

Saving money on your energy bills

Energy us one of those things that we just have to fork out cash on, and at times it feels like we are throwing away our money and instead many of use opt instead to save money by just not turning the heating on. But certain times it cannot be avoided and especially during the colder winter months so just what can we do to help yourselves keep warm?

One thing we can do is use less, by using less, though it sounds easier than it probably is we will be paying less. Yes, sounds obvious doesn’t it but it’s something that I have had to think about recently and yes I have to admit it’s been easier in the past to just hike up the heating controller rather than think about wearing more layers of clothing or making use of a spare duvet that I could wrap myself in during the evenings when I’m cuddling up with a cuppa watching TV. Turn the heating off if you don’t need it, close windows to reduce draught and make use of the door draught excludes many of us pick up but neglect to actually use.

But ok, we’ve done what we can to reduced what we consume but what else can we do?

By switching our energy supplier we could save some cash and for some this can be a sizable amount so worth looking at other suppliers and comparing prices. There are many comparison websites that can help you to do this and is just one little thing we can do to make sure we are not paying over the odds for our gas and electricity. Another small thing that can help save pennies on bills is by paying your bills by Direct Debit; most suppliers will prefer this and offer you this method of payment which will mean a small but nevertheless a simple way of saving on what you pay out. Not to mention avoiding any financial penalties should you miss a payment simply because you have forgotten to make the payment. Ask your energy supplier to change the pay that you pay for your bills and see what different it can make to what you have to pay out.

So what about making your house more environmentally friendly? Could that help reduced costs?

Many people have decided to go down the route of making their homes more insulated against the cold, reducing how much heat is list by insulating lofts, installing better windows, installing a more economic boiler and so on. Many people don’t think about how much heat their house is losing and could save money if they make one or two changes.

By doing all of these things we can make some kind of saving on what we are paying out in regards to our energy consumption and could be a saving that we use elsewhere so always worth looking into and spending a little time really thinking about what we use and what changes we could make.

Right, well now it’s time to look at switching suppliers!

Saving Money on your Energy Bills
Article Name
Saving Money on your Energy Bills
But certain times it cannot be avoided and especially during the colder winter months so just what can we do to help yourselves keep warm?
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