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Unfair Motor Insurance – Men


Our men drivers are facing a higher cost to their car insurance than their women counterparts according to a one the of the UK’s biggest insurance comparisons websites. With an average of £101 more than women, are men getting the raw deal when it comes to insuring their vehicles. The UK’s women drivers are typically paying out around £700 a year on their car insurance whilst men average £800, a cost that is set to increase in the near distant future.

With women fighting to be treated equally to men why is it that men have to pay extra on their car insurance, a gap that has become wider over the years. Is it really fair to discriminate in this way when we are all looking for equality in life?

So why is it that men are having to pay more? Well, according to research based on recent statistics men are spending more time behind the wheel then women which in turn increase their chances of an accident. What’s more, men appear to be driving technologically advanced cars compared to women it seems which could again increase the likelihood of having an accident.

Surprisingly European rules states that insurance companies cannot discriminate when it comes to determining insurance costs and so why is it that they can still apply higher charges to drivers based on their sex when this ruling came out years ago back in 2012?

Insurance is a highly competitive industry according to the Association of British Insurers and many people are doing their homework when it comes to getting the best deal for them. The cost in general has risen due to factors such as Whiplash claims and the so-called ‘Crash for cash’ saga which continues to blight our UK roads. Repairs costs have also risen over the years which have added to how much we pay out in our car insurance premiums. Another factor in the increase of car costs is the recent changes to the Tax applied by the Government in Insurance Premium Tax which has doubled over the past year.

Can we really afford to continue to meet such costs with rises in just about everything that we pay for; many are struggling to meet these ever-increasing demands on our purse strings.

Whilst is true to say that some men may seek to driver better, faster more advanced cars are they really likely to have more accidents than women and doesn’t these new cars come with better safety devices?

How about the rest

All motorists in general are having to splash the cash as car insurance goes up yet again with more increases yet to come or so it seems. Consumer Intelligence research shows us that costs have and are set to rise further still with a whopping 9.3% increase in the past year! If your over 50 you’ve probably had the biggest increase despite having more experience on the road compared to those in  the 25-49 age bracket who have seen a significant rise of just over 9%. Overall costs have shot up and according to Chief Executive of Consumer Intelligence are expected to go up over the year ahead. What’s more, it is predicted that some drivers will face a 20% increase throughout the year.

Whilst ministers are being asked to tackle these rises it seems that even they may have little impact on the recent rises. The AA has gone on to say that the costs faced by UK motorist have gone up 5 times more than rail cost rises. With many of us feeling the pinch in the past few years, we are all struggling to make ends meet but for some it’s an unavoidable cost when the alternative to having their own car is just not something that they can try. With provision of public transport not being as adequate as it could be, many cannot avoid having their own car.

union jack

But what I want to know and I know I am not alone in this, is what is causing this rise in costs. Well, according to the Director of insurance for the AA, the rise of uninsured drivers has impacted drastically on us Law abiding drivers, who are having to pay out yet more to cover the costs of accidents by those who have not got insurance to fall back on. So yet again, we are being penalised for doing what is right. This is backed up by the Motor Insurers Bureau who states that there are over 1 million uninsured drivers on our roads. With Whiplash claims still continuing to be major factor in adding to insurance, we are crying out for something to be done. This and uninsured drivers is adding an estimated £75 to every premium being taken out. A consultation by the Government is underway however, and plans are to set to tackle uninsured drivers as well as bogus whiplash claims, this couldn’t come soon enough I say!

So, as an honest driver with years of experience and someone who has always had car insurance, I am fuming when it comes to the dishonesty of others. Fed up of paying out more to cover the cost of those who think that they don’t have to, it’s getting to the point when enough is enough, something has to be done and it has to be done soon. Cut honest UK drivers some slack and stop hitting us with increasing costs, it’s not fair and it’s got to be top of the agenda of change.


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