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Winter Fuel Price Cuts

Winter fuel price cuts

Time to hike up the heating and warm up this winter with energy firms promising to freeze their prices this winter. Whilst EDF goes one better opting instead to give its customers a winter price cut. With firms seeing wholesale prices increase by a massive 40% in June this year it was felt all round that customers will similarly feel the increase in their bills.

Centrica, SSE and EON have promised to put a hold on their prices over the winter months to encourage customers. But EDF could yet by the driving force in more firms lowering their prices with its aim of a 5.2% reduction many customers may feel that little bit warmer this year. There is still hope by many that the Government will act on the constant rising of fuel prices however this could just be the tonic many need to keep warm over Christmas and a nice little surprise if not in the form of a ready wrapped present under the tree.

Will this treat just be for the festive season or is it to last much longer we ask?

With prices raising yearly on most things it’s hard to stay positive that our household budgets can meet the demands of everyday spending with a lot of people not being able to meet the needs of essential buying. Many people opt to switch suppliers regularly in order to save that little bit extra whilst others don’t really see the point and instead argue that all suppliers’ prices fluctuate from time to time. But switching could yet be the thing that does save you money this year and it is estimated that customers could save up to £400 on their energy bills just by switching at the right time, which according to some is right now. Paying for energy is just one of those things that you have to do but if there is a saving to be made then it’s better in your pockets than adding to the banks balances of the big energy suppliers who are draining our purses. Tightening the purse strings now, if you at least compare what is on offer in terms of energy suppliers then you are equipping yourself with the means of being able to make a little saving where you can.

Want to know more on how you could save money on the price if your energy bills, organisations like the Money Advice service offer advice on just how to compare prices. OfGEM the official regulator of energy suppliers says that on average a household could potentially save up to £200 this year by switching their Electricity and Gas supplier.

So what are you waiting for find out today how you could save money on your energy bills.

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