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Online Car Buying

Online Car Buying

Could buying a car online to be delivered directly to your door really take off? Apparently so, but if this turns out to be just one more fad that phases out in time is yet to be seen. Even supermarkets could start offering customers cars online as part of their weekly shop.  So how does it work? Well simply choose the car you want, pay and then sit back and let it be delivered straight to your door ready for you to use, couldn’t be more easy. Many people find that going to a dealers a bit of a grind, some feel obligated to buy once they have test driven it and some feel pressured into buying as soon as they step foot on the forecourt and so online buying takes out that pressure. After all we shop around for car insurance and even our food shopping is done online nowadays so why not sit back at home, feet up and browse the web for the car you really want rather than the one the dealer shows you. So are we saying goodbye to the forecourt car dealer salesman?

Some companies are offering next day delivery and free return if you change your mind or feel the car isn’t right for you. Some will have free delivery if you are within so many miles and some offer a small charge for delivery, many options just as when you are buying clothing online really. All this avoids wasting time on visiting the showroom and can mean a lot less hassle, leaving you to enjoy your free time exactly how it should be spent.

One thing is for sure; it certainly changes the dynamics of shopping for a new car and will mean you have more opportunity to have a good look at what car is best for you. I must admit, I don’t particularly like walking around a car saleroom and which you can guarantee you are being pounced on by a salesman as soon as you walk through the door – something I hate. But then again there is a lot to be said for those times when you really need some expertise on the right car for you and buying online and having it delivered does take out that particular element. Sometimes we do need the right advice that you can only get face to face. I guess it really does depend on the car showroom that you are visiting, the feel of the place and the experience if the salesperson themselves, not to mention their level of customer service.

Recent TV adverts show buyers unwrapping their brand new cars which have been safely dropped off just like their daily post is and yes I can see its advantages especially for those who don’t have time to go and buy in person. Although there is that waiting in time whilst you are waiting for the delivery and we all know that sometimes we end up waiting in for hours only to find out that there is a delay or problem somewhere down the line and it has to be re-arranged!

I guess, as with anything in life you have to wait and see how it turns out, some will like this new way of buying and others will opt instead for the more traditional method.

However you buy your car always make sure you are 100% happy and don’t be afraid to say when you are not!

Online Car Buying
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Online Car Buying
would you buy your next car online, without seeing it or test driving it?
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