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So you want a New Car?

So you want a new car?

OK, your old car is starting to sound a little choked and your dream of being behind the wheels of something new? If you are thinking of getting a used car you need to take some steps to making sure you get the best deal that’s right for you. By getting a used car you are helping to keep unnecessary costs down but whilst you are doing that it is so easy to buy a car thinking you have a bargain only to get it home and realise it’s not quite what you expected.

Only buy from a reputable dealer, not all car sellers are fraudsters but perhaps you need to be a little weary when it comes to parting with your cash. If buying from an online seller make sure all the car details check out. What out for any inconsistencies such as mileage, VIN numbers and log books. You can check to see if the details are all correct and as they should be by using companies such as HPI who can run these checks for.

Don’t view the car at night or in the rain as this can hide any problems that would otherwise have been visible but hidden by the clock of darkness or rain.

Check for outstanding debts and finances on the car, there could be a debt on the car you may not know it, this could mean that you lose your car later on when the debt it reclaimed by the finance company. Companies such as the AA and HPI will be able to tell you if your car does have any debts secured against it.

Check that the car hasn’t been recorded as being stolen a car data check will be able to tell you these type of things and put your mind at rest and really worth doing before you buy.

Not only is it a good idea to have the above check done but also ask a friend or relative to view the car with you just to get a second opinion. Another good idea is to view it then go back in a few days so that you have time to mull it over rather than make a rash impulse buy that you make regret later on. By taking the car out for a test drive will also help you to feel if the car is right for you, how does it handle corners, does you feel safe in it, is it the right size for you? These are all questions that you should think about when test driving a possible new car.

Most dealers will be able to offer some type of finance deal too so ask your dealer if this is something they will consider, sometimes by paying in instalments or getting a small loan can help if you need a car quicker but don’t necessarily have the cash to buy it outright and an option that many go for. You don’t even need to leave the house until you have found the car and dealer you want to use, by shopping online you can look at all of the options and choose what is best for you. There are lots of comparison sites to use that offer a free run down of what is available so you can always look first then go in person when you have a few cars in mind. Finance is defiantly a grey area that many don’t feel comfortable with asking about so again make use of online sites that will compare the different options for you.

Buying a used car with or without finance in place doesn’t need to be difficult!

So you want a New Car?
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So you want a New Car?
OK, your old car is starting to sound a little choked and you dream of being behind the wheels of something new?
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