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Car clocking, if in doubt, check it out!

Car clocking has always been an issue but it seems it is on the rise once again with lots of people buying a new car and later finding out the mileage has been tampered with.

According to the RAC it had zoomed up by a whopping 10% last year.  Clocking is the process of changing a car’s recorded mileage to make it appear that it has done fewer miles on the road and is a trick many rogues do to get more for a vehicle that they are selling. EU regulation will  help reduce the number of car clocking crimes  due to a loop-hole in the legal system and aim to put changes into place from May 2018. But will that stop these would be wrong doers in their tracks?

Being car crime savvy when it comes to the basics will help.

High tech digital read out systems and the like has replaced the traditional clocking method of rolling back the clock and makes it difficult to deter car clocking crime in newer car models. HPI an expert in-car history claims that up 1.7 million cars on our UK roads have had their mileage tampered with. The UK already has strict penalties in place for those caught tempering with car mileage and stipulates that if a person sells a car that they suspect may have been clocked then they are obligated to give this information to the potential buyer. Furthermore the EU announced a completed ban on firms who offer a car clocking service over all.

So how can we make sure that our car has not been clocked?

It is extremely difficult to tell if your car had been clocked and in particular with new models that use the new digital odometer but you could look out for any signs that something is amiss such as problems with the trip computer and other electronic components. Have several viewings of any potential new car and check each time if the mileage is roughly the same, of course it may have been test driven by another potential buyer but shouldn’t have increased too much. Some fraudsters even reduce the mileage to attract buyers but may then put it back to its original number on collection, so worth double checking before you buy.

Finally if in doubt, have the car checked out by conducting a vehicle check that looks at a car’s full history. Companies like HPI, Autotrader, AA and the RAC all offer a history check on your car for a small fee, the government have a free mot history check page so that you can check previous logged mileage when the vehicle has had its yearly MOT, unfortunately the mileage is only logged on vehicles that exceed three years due to vehicles only requiring a MOT after three years.

Don’t get stung on your car’s mileage.

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