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The Rise of Motability Cars

The rise in mobility cars on the UK’s roads.

The number of mobility cars on our roads is ever-increasing with an overall increase in new numbers set to reach more than 600 thousand every year according to research carried out by the BBC. But why do we have this increase and how does it affect the use of vehicles overall?

There are a number of issues that add to how we travel and one of those is the growing population of the UK, with an estimated 65 Million people according to figures from 2015. Of this 65 million there are currently around 37 million registered vehicles in the UK and so our roads are becoming more and more congested year on year.

Of these 37 million drivers a mere 1.9 million are registered as disabled drivers with 2.39 million Blue badges issued last year alone. The number of disabled people in total has risen in the UK and the numbers of people with differing levels of disability who may not have previously been classed as having a disability are now able to find the help that they need. It seems the number of mobility car on our UK roads is increasing and may set to increase further over the years making car ownership more affordable for those who may have reduced incomes. The Government has also introduced a mobility scheme to help provide better transport for those who are classed as having a disability.

Of course there are a number of organisations who can help get disabled drivers on the road with financial assistant such as mobility aid. Organisations such as Disabled Motoring UK help thousands of disabled drivers and offer advice and guidance on a number of mobility issues. The Blue Badge scheme is another avenue for those seeking help and one such area of help from this scheme is the assistance of getting an allocated parking bay outside of homes or allotted Disabled Parking areas in retail outlets and in town centres which goes a long way to making places more accessible. These mobility schemes also allow for help towards the cost of vehicles and many are now able to get help with the car they need in order to have the best quality of life and fair access they need. There are lots of pricing options, trade in’s, finance lenders and grants available that can help in not only purchasing the vehicle but help towards the running costs and the payment of incurred fines. What’s more there are lots of car search tools available that can help find you a dealer who can provide you with your new car and point you in the right direction when it comes to car finance and car loans.

If you need advice on what mobility assistance is available to you there are a number of organisation who can help you. For those who are unable to access this help, other financial help is available from a number of lenders who can make your payments more manageable.



Motability Vehicles - The Rise and Rise
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Motability Vehicles - The Rise and Rise
how many vehicles registered through Motability is currently on our roads?
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