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Swagger and Style

Swagger and style on UK roads


What does a car say about its owner? Projecting the right image is crucial in many people’s eyes and achievement of their status can be viewed through the car they drive. Fabulously expensive vehicles that have both swagger and style is the dream of many. Cars on your British roads are getting pricier each year but many will still get behind the wheel of their status symbol despite the costs. Let’s look at some of the most expensive cars on British roads right now from supercars, saloons to vintage with style, luxury with a price tag to match!

With prices around the eye watering £200,000 mark, McLaren’s 650S has got to be included in the list, this fast and furious car represents the ultimate must have toy for those seeking the thrilling speed and luxuriously expensive sweetness of this car. Next on our list has to be the Rolls Royce’s Ghost, a magnificent demonstration of beauty and art that comes at a price of a mere £216,000 give or take. This iconic vehicle represents everything you need to put out there about yourself but a car that the majority can only dream about. Rolls Royce has not just one but two of its cars in the top few most expensive cars driven on our UK roads with their Wraith. The lucky few who are, even this second travelling the UK in such sleek style in their £229,000 two door Coupe. But what out Rolls Royce as there is a competitor in your midst with Bentley’s Mulsanne, a snip at just £229,000 as a starting price, you might as well get yourself one and enjoy stylistic opulence as you career through UK cities envied by all you pass.

But wait, what’s this? Rolls Royce have another one of their babies on our list with the Rolls Royce Phantom which will set you back a trifling £310’200. A sumptuous saloon car which has to be the most expensive car on our UK’s roads today.


Who drives these gems, not me that’s for sure, I, like many can only day-dream that one day I can bask in the glare of the bright lights that belong to one of the most expensive cars driven by the fabulously wealthy as they pass me by.

Swagger and Style
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Swagger and Style
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