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Whiplash Claims

Crash for cash whiplash clamp down

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has announced new changes to how Insurers handle whiplash claims in a bid to crack down on the number of bogus claims that cost all UK drivers hundreds of pounds a year each. Has the UK’s compensation culture taken a step too far? Yes according to the Government who aims to make pay outs harder to get and are set to whip insurance companies into shape on what they call a ‘epidemic’ of fake whiplash claims. The majority of the problem is the hundreds of ‘compensation’ companies offering to take on the claims of drivers who have recently been in an accident but whilst they are fighting for compo pay outs for those who need it could they also be adding to the ‘where’s there’s a blame, there’s a claim’ ideal that has swamped the UK.

Many of these companies send out hundreds of emails and text’s and not to mention phone calls to those who have been unfortunate enough to been in an accident, making claims a tool to getting extra money, many of these companies take a huge cut of the awarded pay out themselves and so can put extra pressure on drivers to make their claim.

The Ministry of Justice aim to put a cap on the amount of money claimants can get for a minor whiplash injury, cutting pay outs from £1’850 to a mere £425.

According to the AA last years the UK saw over 800’000 small injury claims and of this a staggering 750’000 were whiplash claims.

Have we pushed the ‘whiplash’ saga a touch too far?

Aviva is one the of UK’s biggest Insurers and have suggested that whiplash claims have cost our drivers around £2.5 billion a year last year with 9 out of 10 of these claiming £1000 and up to £5000 in compensation.

These claims cost the law-abiding drivers money and adds to the amount we pay out in insurance each year, why should the UK’s ‘good’ and ‘honest’ drivers foot yet another bill thanks to those who make whiplash claims a way of earning extra money.

Greedy drivers we implore you think again. Now if a genuine injury has been the result of a genuine car accident and has resulted in the injured suffering then yes, a claim to get yourself back on track and help with any costs incurred such as medical bills and time off work if needed and necessary and why not make a claim, the accident wasn’t your fault why should you miss out because of someone else. There are companies who can help and advice can be sought from many governmental or charitable organisations. The new rulings on this could make it even harder for the genuine cases thanks to fraudsters who are taking advantage of the system and that’s where things are going to be difficult in determining the genuine from the fake.

Not a job for the light-hearted. Yet again we find that a change to clamp down on those wrongdoers could also be hard to swallow for those who are law-abiding.

whiplash claims

Whiplash Claims - why are we now clamping down on rogue claims.
Article Name
Whiplash Claims - why are we now clamping down on rogue claims.
whiplash claims, why wasn't this clamped down on many years ago, why has the Ministry of Justice decided now?
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