Money Saving Tips

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Cash Strapped January

Ahhh, Christmas is coming! Not ready for Christmas yet, don’t worry. We all look forward to Christmas but know after that time of over indulgence comes the short sharp shock of cash strapped January. Money saving tip? Yes please!

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Planning Retirement?

Approaching retirement and want to make sure you’re savvy with your money? Don’t blame you, millions of people look to how they can save money when it comes to planning for their retirement and seek to find out how to go about it and what they should be aware of, after all its your money you have worked hard for all these years so why not make it go a little further and make the most of your retirement. There are a few basic steps that you should take before you hit that retirement age such as deciding at what age you would like to retire. Nowadays your retirement age is not fixed in stone and you could retire and start claiming your workplace pension or private pension if you have one from as early as 55 years of age. Alternatively a lot of people like to work beyond the state retirement age  which gives them a bigger pension when they do retire as well as the benefit of not having to pay National insurance which is a bonus if you are hoping to squirrel a little more away.

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Become Money Savvy

Cutting the cost of your fuel bills will seriously put a dent in what you are paying out for each month. Fuel companies often put a cheeky rise on our bills and get away with it but if you switch supplier you can save up to £300 a year, many people regularly switch suppliers and saves pounds on doing so. Other utilities bills that you can save money is your water, by installing a water meter you are paying for exactly what you use instead of paying a fixed standard amount. If you don’t use that much water then what is the point. Hone phone bills is another area where a saving can be made as there is a abundance of telecommunications companies offering a wide range of cheap packages to suit your requirements after all even the need for a landline has decreased over recent years with the increase of mobile phones and technological changes that cuts out the need for a home phone

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Self Employed Maternity Pay

You’ve made your business a success and enjoy being your own boss but want a baby? Don’t lose out on what you are entitled to by right; make sure you get what you should be getting. Lots of self employed moms to be make the mistake of thinking that they won’t be entitled to Maternity pay or time off because they are their own boss but this isn’t the case. The rules on Maternity change depending on your circumstances but according to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) you still have rights if you are self employed. However some of these rules may seem a little unfair, You have the right to take up to a year for Maternity Leave if you are employed or classed as a ‘Worker’ who is on a zero hours contract , but as a self employed person you lose this right. By Law you must take at least 2 weeks off after having your baby even if you are not entitled to your Maternity leave because you are self employed. Maternity rights for the self employed are complex indeed!

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Saving Money on Kids Parties

save money with our kids party savings, money saving tips. According to the BBC kids parties cost on average a staggering £135 each with some parents paying up to £300 in party costs, others admit to paying out hundreds to get their prince or princess the party of their dreams. But are we just doing this to keep up with the Jones’s or to impress other parents? It seems over the top parties are an increasing thing these days and the costs are spiralling out of control, are they really necessary we ask?

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