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Car Insurance Fraud

Tackling Insurance Fraud. The UK faces a tough challenge when it comes to tackling insurance fraud with a whopping £1 Billion cost to the industry each year. But it’s not just the car insurance industry that has to pick up the tab on this one, it is estimated that car insurance fraud costs each and every car driver and extra £50 on their premium each year and it’s only going to get worse. Predictions are that car insurance fraud, the most common form of fraud, is going to increase year on year.

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Dash Cams, The dash for the Dash Cam

The Dash for the Dash Cam, has the increase in Insurance fraud caused an upturn in sales? Sales in Dash cams have seen a rise in recent years and could be the answer many have been looking for when it comes to keeping safe on our roads. A Dash Cam or Dashboard Camera as it is known is an in car digitalised recorder that can be secured to the car windscreen or dash. Most Dash Cams have a wide lens enabling it to capture as much as possible. Many people find that using Dash Cams is a very useful and important tool to have when you are out driving and take help to protect you in a number of ways. A Dash Cam could act as a deterrent against the bad driving habits of other drivers around you, quite often if they see that you have a Dash Cam they think twice about their own driving behaviour which can help reduce the amount of accidents due to bad driving or what is commonly known as Road rage.

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The Rise of Motability Cars

The rise of Motability cars in the UK has risen. The number of mobility cars on our roads is ever increasing with an overall increase in new numbers set to reach more than 600 thousand every year according to research carried out by the BBC. But why do we have this increase and how does it affect the use of vehicles overall?
There are a number of issues that add to how we travel and one of those is the growing population of the UK, with an estimated 65 Million people according to figures from 2015. Of this 65 million there are currently around 37 million registered vehicles in the UK and so our roads are becoming more and more congested year on year.

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Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars | Would you use one? The smart way is driverless
Is the best option for our future really driverless or has our need to take artificial intelligence to the next level gone a step too far? Some people argue that driverless cars could help prevent congestion in our busy cities and reduce the need for somewhere to park. But could that endless ‘driving around the block’ looking for that elusive parking space really soon to be over. Tesla and Google are currently at the forefront of brining these automated transport solutions to our doorsteps with big companies like Ford promising to deliver this new advance. One argument for the use of driverless cars is car sharing and bringing down the affordability of a car. Furthermore driverless cars could prove to save millions of people from car accidents from human error.

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ANPR Cameras

ANPR Cameras or Automated Number Plate Recognition cameras as it is known is the process of capturing number plates and matching them against a database of plates recorded that are of interest to the Police. This is an instant process which goes a long way to deterring and detecting vehicle crime nationally. The use of ANPR cameras are used by law enforcement groups throughout the country and is used as evidence in arrests made. These cameras are used within the Police’s vehicles but are also used in fixed locations throughout the UK. In car systems are utilised as well as Transportable units, CCTV and fixed systems.

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