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SEO for small businesses

For many small businesses advertising is crucial in getting your business started and keeping on track but for many the concept of SEO is daunting.  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it is known is a way of getting noticed online and can increase the amount of potential customers who can see and access your […]

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Average Debt now £13000

As if things aren’t bad enough for UK families, it has now been estimated that we have on average a household debt of around £13000 per family! That doesn’t even include your mortgage says the TUC (Trade Union Congress) the Voice of Britain at Work, who gets its scary figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). 

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New Years Resolution

Midnight is looming, we all eagerly await the inevitable countdown. Along with the bubbles of the Champagne we make our promises for the year that we know we will break within weeks of making them. But just what are the most popular Resolutions that will be made this year, let’s examine the most popular oaths of last year.

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Sales for Men?

Is it just me or does anyone else agrees that whenever there is a sale sign in shops them men’s clothing doesn’t seem to appear on the sale rail?
A visit to a big retail chain nearby, enticed by the huge banner outside declaring a ‘sale’ sign added to my motivation to go into the shop and brave the weekend shopping frenzy. A quick glance around and I spot the sale area where to my amazement I see five lines of rails which reduced clothing. Hurrah I think to myself, why not shop and save, after all I need to add to my winter wardrobe and give the contents of it a spruce up.

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Funeral Costs

The rise of funeral costs is outstripping inflation, why? No one likes to talk about planning for a funeral but without forward planning the costs can quickly spiral out of control leaving loved ones stumped when it comes to giving a well deserved send off without getting in to debt. It’s not easy to talk about funerals and many find this a daunting subject to approach but it needn’t be that complicated and many find it gives them comfort to know that they have prepared should the worse happen. It is always a good idea to keep track of your current financial situation and to let loved ones know where you are financially. This will help cut out any confusion later on and gives peace of mind if there are any debts or if you don’t have the savings that you intended to have by this time. You can’t take money with you and the last thing that you could do for those you care about is take some of the worry away by planning in advance.

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