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Self Employed, Can i still get a loan?

Our answer is yes, you can still get your car loan if you are self-employed and so this won’t be the cause of slowing things down for you. We pass on all of your unique circumstance and details and as long as your details are correct and you meet the criteria needed for an identity check then this should not be a problem. You will need to have a set of addresses that you provide that cover a period of the last three years and show that you have been registered as living at that address on the electoral roll.

There is no reason why you should be penalised for being self-employed at all and this is something that we know past customers have faced with other lenders such as their own bank. So don’t worry, you should still be able to get your loan approved even if you are self-employed.

Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit history and it is preventing you from getting your loan then rest assured that in most cases you can still get the loan you need. Bad credit history should not stop you from being able to move on in life and get the car you need, after all, it’s probably one of the things that can change how you live your life.

Our providers specialise in approving loans for those with adverse credit ratings and will look into your full circumstances before making any hasty judgements based on what happened in the past. Bad credit shouldn’t be the thing that puts the brakes on your new car and we are proud to be that link that helps gets you to your car showroom.

There are people out there to help and who won’t make snap decisions on the approval of your loan based on your credit history so get started today and start your application now to see how quickly and easily you can get the thumbs up on your car loan.

No Deposit

If you are worried about not having any spare cash to put forward as a down payment towards your new car then worry no more. You are not required to pay any deposit in advance of getting your new car at any time during your application process or indeed on approval.

You will be able to make set monthly repayments based on what you can afford and what is agreed with your lender and won’t need to pay a deposit first. This way you can start looking for your car and look forward to driving it away in no time at all and without having to bother with the hassle of finding the deposit first.

We want you to be able to enjoy your new car as soon as possible and we know that for a lot of people it can be hard to find that initial deposit and so no deposit is required giving you a faster way of getting your new car once you have been approved for your car loan.

Turned Down Previously

If you have been turned down for a previous loan you can still apply for your car loan through us. You won’t be penalised for trying elsewhere first and so this won’t go against you. If the reason why you have been turned down by another provider is because of your credit history or if your credit rating is not where it should be then this won’t be an issue in most cases.

Our providers can approve loans to those who fail to be approved by other lenders such as their own banks and can provide specialist car loans to suit all budgets and circumstances. Your loan amount and repayment period will be tailored to meet your unique circumstances and so your credit history won’t be holding you back on getting the car loan you need. Many people have been turned down by other lenders and find that this is because of a multitude of reason that in most cases could be ironed out.

Your lender will work with you to find out what you can afford and a repayment structure to suit your income and in most cases any previously unapproved loan applications won’t cause any hindrance to you getting your car loan approved


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