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New Years Resolution

So, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Midnight is looming, we all eagerly await the inevitable countdown. Along with the bubbles of the Champagne we make our promises for the year that we know we will break within weeks of making them. But just what are the most popular new years resolution and what will be made this year, let’s examine the most popular oaths of last year.

In pole position we have the promises to live life to its fullest according to a survey carried out last year.  Many of us strive to live the life of our dreams and aim to do only what makes us happy. A more self-centred approach is in order, if you are like me you’ll be putting aside your aspirations for a while and instead spend time and money on family which has always been and probably always be ‘top of our agenda’ as a parent. Alas, it’s time to start being selfish and taking stock of what you want from the new year ahead. One of these personal plans often involve aiming for a ‘new you’ with many of us screaming out our resolution to lose weight to anyone who will listen, a promise that most of us at some point have aimed to do. Local Gyms have never been so busy as they are during January, taking advantage of the UK’s obsession with healthy eating and exercise after they have over indulged Christmas. Organising our lives is top of the list when it comes to goals for the New Year, many of us striving to get our life in order with some semblance of organisation which includes, finances, food, house cleaning, car cleaning, starting the day on time and having a better routine.

Saving money is another biggie which is at the forefront of our minds with many of us opting to squirrel away the pennies in order to save for a better future even if it is just a holiday! Giving up vices is also a high one and ohh isn’t there lots to choose from! Smoking, excessive drinking, swearing, hitting the shops and smashing the credit cards we have an abundance of ‘baddies’ to choose from! But just how many of us will make it past the first week let alone the first month, quitting the habit of smoking is none that is well backed up by our NHS services with images on cigarette packaging having a hard-hitting impact on people’s motivation to buy the deadly stick that they crave so much. Yes I am one of ‘them’

We move on!

One of my top goals this year and I know many will share this thought is to spring clean the finances and make sure that we can balance our household books. Getting our finances in order is essential to meeting most of the things we have mentioned thus far and so this should be top of our ‘to do’ list. How will I do this? Well let me tell you know it won’t be easy, not with my children eating away at every last penny that I earn, no this one will call for strict changes and a well thought out plan. I can see it now – my little black book with and incoming and outgoing column, which I will never be able to match. Next on my list under lose weight, eat more healthy, turn vegetarian, join the gym is finally my last promise – save for a new car. Yes, it’s true I will definitely aim to get a new car, well maybe not a ‘new’ one but one that’s new to me!

So, how many of these resolutions do you share, will 2017 be any different to the years gone by? I think we are all in for a change this year, we can’t predict what’s going to happen but one thing is for sure – it will definitely not be the same!

New Years Resolution
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New Years Resolution
so what have you opted for this year, come on we all admit to making new years resolution but mostly fail to adhere to them for longer than a month.
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