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Sales for Men?

Unfair sales in our shops?

Is it just me or does anyone else agree that whenever there is a sale sign in shops them men’s clothing doesn’t seem to appear on the sale rail?

A visit to a big retail chain nearby, enticed by the huge banner outside declaring a ‘sale’ sign added to my motivation to go into the shop and brave the weekend shopping frenzy. A quick glance around and I spot the sale area where to my amazement I see five lines of rails which reduced clothing. Hurrah I think to myself, why not shop and save, after all I need to add to my winter wardrobe and give the contents of it a spruce up.

However, imagine my disappointment when I browsed the rails to find that it contained only women’s clothing, perhaps the men’s sale items are located in another area of the shop? A frantic search of the store answers my question, no men’s sale clothing to be found anywhere in the store. In fact the men’s clothing area takes up a fraction of the store compared to women’s and even children clothing. Is men’s clothing not as sort after, are we male shoppers not as likely to part with our cash as our female counter parts?

Now I’m not usually one to moan but I feel a moan coming on, I also feel a challenge, I am now on a bid to search all shops that declare a sale to find out exactly what proportion of the sale is on men’s clothing. Whether online or in a shop I will seek out those hard to find bargains.

Surely Christmas tie will mean men will be able to purchase reduce items of clothing too? I really hope so. Which brings me to my next point of gifts for men? Apparently men’s grooming in now a multimillion pound earner for shops, with men taking a greater interest in their appearance compared to the days old times when men could get away with a more grizzly appearance. I like a tidy up and a pampering on occasion, why not, many men do. oi why is it I find it so hard to find a store that sells a good range of men’s toiletries and in particular gift sets and even more importantly in a sale!

Santa, please will you bring me a sale on men’s clothing and toiletries this year that is equal to the ladies out there, we need a spring clean of our closets too!

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Sales for Men
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Sales for Men
why is it that when it comes to men's shopping we never fair very well on the sales rail.
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