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SEO for small businesses

For many small businesses advertising is crucial in getting your business started and keeping on track but for many the concept of SEO is daunting.  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it is known is a way of getting noticed online and can increase the amount of potential customers who can see and access your website which is known as increasing traffic. It can for many be an enormous benefit but does need to be used correctly in order to be efficient in generating this traffic.

A powerful took for those who known how to utilise it!

First things first, as a basic must, you need to make sure you have your contact details on your website, this means our company name, address and contact details. Search engines will be able to scan this information and add it to their databases and will therefore increase the chances of your website being included on the search engine when someone searches for it. One of the biggest search engines is Google and another thing that you could do to enhance your SEO is to submit your company information to them through a Google profile. A good pointer here whilst we are thinking about Google is to create a free Google Analytic accounts which will mean that you can find out who is visiting your website, what search term they are putting into Google and which key terms you can then add to your website to increase the amount of potential customer traffic to your site. Using key terms or phrases on our website could add to how often your website is seen on Google when someone is searching for what you are offering. There are websites that offer key term searches and can provide you will details of how popular a search term or key word is looked for and this can therefore be added to your content to really give your site the best chances of being seen by potential customers.

With this in mind make sure that your page titles are relevant to the content in them, a page called ‘Welcome’ for example may yield little in terms of traffic as it is not a term that would be searched for and does not represent what you are offering and therefore is not really a useful title to have so worth thinking about.

Now down to some of the nity grity that will really start to make a difference. You could add Meta tags to your site which help you to use create a list of all of the key words relevant to what your sites offer to customers. This will mean that you could be listed higher on a search engine if the key words are relevant and ones that looked regularly. This will affect your websites rating which will enhance your SEO. Try validating your HTML code used on your site to make sure that the structure of your site is correct. You will see that this will add to the chances that your website is seen on a search engine so worth doing. This process will also flag up any mistakes in your sites coding and help boost your online rating.

What we have looked at is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO but gives you a basic lowdown on what to look out for when thinking about your online profile. There are many experts out there who could do all of this for you for a fee and enhance the effectiveness of your site but some of it you really can do yourself and really worth taking the time to make the smaller changes to start reaping the benefits of SEO as an online tool to give your site the best chances online.

SEO for small businesses
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SEO for small businesses
why is it so important for small business to keep on top of seo
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