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0115 920 6330 (Avano Limited) is a broker service that connects borrowers to lenders, we do not currently charge you a fee for any of our services. (Avano Limited) itself is not a lender and has no involvement in the payment or repayment of any financial services. There is no charge for any service that is performed on our website. At no point will you be asked to make a payment or retrieve any payment details to this website, if you are prompted to do so please refuse and contact us immediately. 0115 9206330

By submitting an application form on (Avano Limited) website you are giving your consent to those details being sent to an authorised 3rd party such as Credit Reference agency for information to be collected and checked on your status and fraud prevention. Your details will not be forwarded to any marketing companies because we currently do not use them.

If an offer is made between you and the lender, this will form the basis of an agreement between you and that lender. No agreement will include the involvement of (Avano Limited) website. It is up to the lender to answer any queries that you may have regarding your loan or agreement.

Your lender will have their own terms and conditions that will supersede the conditions that are laid out on our site (Avano Limited). It is very important that you check them carefully before entering into an agreement with them. (Avano Limited)” Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice on occasions. (2016 Update)

The data on our site belongs to “” (Avano Limited) and we prohibit the reproduction, copying or resale of any data from this site.

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