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At we consider Treating Customers Fairly as our number one priority and this is at the heart of everything that we do. is owned, managed and run by Avano Limited who are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure that we give due regard to customers and ensure that they are treated fairly. The policy incorporates a set standard in the way that we treat customers.

The three TCF Outcome guidelines outlined by the FCA are followed at all times by (Avano), these guidelines are:

Outcome One – Customers of (Avano) can be confident that they are using a company where the treatment of customers is at the centre of its objectives.

Outcome Two – All services provided by Carloan’ (Avano) aims to meet the needs of specific customer targets groups.

Outcome Three – Consumers of (Avano) will always be provided with information in a clear and transparent way and all customers will always be kept informed of the services offered, before they use it and during the use of its services. through its owner Avano Limited will work with the FCA’S Code of Conduct Sourcebook and fully supports the principle of Treating Customers Fairly and extra consideration is given to areas such as financial promotions, the use of marketing, application processes, the information provided by as well as a fully explained complaint handling process. will ensure that its staff are aware and understand and implement TCF and that all marketing and sales considers this at all times. Any term will be explained and in written in plain English without the use of jargon.

APR quoted is a reflection of the actual cost that the customers may expect from the lenders on our panel.

Information will be provided to make sure that all customers are fully aware of the services provided.

Please note that at no point will provide any level of advice at any point to customers about their suitability for loans  or that on the loans they should agree to.

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