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Why choose Car Loans to help you choose the best loan provider, you ask? Well let us put it this way, we believe in helping our customers to get the best loan for them, from a choice of the top UK providers. When it comes to saving time and money there really is no option but to ensure you’ve done your research but why carry out this time-consuming task yourself when it can be done efficiently and for free by us. We know time is precious but so is saving money when you can and that’s why we are dedicated to being that link between you and your loan provider. Our website is easy to use and straight forward giving you as much information as possible.

With Car loans you are in safe hands as we only use the top UK loans providers who we have complete trust in, we compare the best providers giving you all you need to know about what is on offer. We only work with companies who we have 100% confidence in and offer our customers the best deal for them. We aim to use lenders who:

  • Are reputable UK providers of loans
  • Are fully regulated
  • Who put customers first at all times
  • Are fully committed to treating customer fairly at all times
  • Offer transparency and clarity at all times

With your application completed your loan is almost in the bag and a decision can in most cases be made the same day so for those needing a quick response and pay out this really is a no brainer which we hope meet your full needs. Your provider may ask you to provide documents for identification purposes which in a lot of cases can simply be scanned and emailed to them or popped in the post. So if its ease and quickness you are after then that’s what you’ll get with no fuss and a fully explained process, If you have any questions throughout  the application process then ask away and your loan provider will give you as much information as you need.

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It is never easy having to borrow but we want to take some of the hard work out of it when you are in a time off needing that extra financial help. Getting a car for most people is essential  especially when it comes to getting to work or doing the school runs or even if you mainly use it for shopping, whatever the reason if it’s a car you need then it’s an essential expense that sometimes if difficult to afford. If you have good credit then great, if you have a not so perfect credit rating then no worries on that score as our providers include those who can agree loans to applicants who have a bad credit history or even those with no credit history at all. These loan providers specialise in working with their customers to focus on what they can afford to pay back and the repayment period can often be agreed to suit customers own financial circumstances therefore making it less of a bind when having to make repayments each month.

Throughout your application process, there is no money that we ask you to pay to us, and no deposit is needed by us or your loan provider and we do not add-on any fees if you choose to use our service and take up your loan or not. So if you go ahead or decide not to there is nothing to pay to us at any stage. We help you to find out the best and lowest rates available according to your situation and financial needs through a straight forward and easy to use application process. We understand full well that in today’s financial climate not everyone can access a bank loan and what’s more we know that we all need to be careful when it comes to handling our finances but what we do believe in is using loans providers who are reputable and won’t put a sting into your plans.

A loan can help those who:

  • Have been turned down elsewhere
  • Cannot make a one-off upfront payment for their new car
  • Might have a low credit score
  • Might not have any borrowing history

Our providers will work with you to find the best option for you and won’t just turn you down simply because you full into one of the categories above and so rest assured that you will be guided through your options by your provider. Your financial situation will need to be discussed with them and you may be asked to provide extra details to support your application but you will not be turned down without your provider ascertaining all of the facts to make a fully informed decisions on the approval of your loan with them. Many people don’t realise that they can be accepted for a loan and struggle without the car that they need when actually they don’t need to, there are lots of different providers who handle hundreds of applications every day and can offer the specialise advice that many customers need.

So, to sum up choose us if you want a no-nonsense straight forward application process, a quick same decision on your application, if your credit history is not as healthy as it should be or you simply don’t have the time to do all the research yourself. Let Car Loans start you off on your way to getting the right loan for you today!

Getting that loan for your new car needn’t be that hard, don’t delay, getting that car could be just the right thing for you and a loan just the things to make it happen. Start looking for your new car and before you know it you too could be behind the wheel of a new vehicle with little effort and without having to go out and ask a bank. If it can be made easy then that’s what we like so start your application and get the cash you need!

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